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Costa Rica is a small country in Central America that caters to eco-tourism and all of the wonderful activities that go along with it, including whitewater rafting, zipline, farm tours and, of course, fishing. On the Caribbean side of the country, fly fishermen mainly target tarpon in several river mouths where they flow into the ocean. On the Pacific side, anglers have a greater diversity of sport fishing options, generally favoring sailfish and dorado with fly rods. Costa Rica is unproblematic to get to in an easy travel day from just about anywhere in the continental United States with many airlines providing regular fights to Juan Santamaría International Airport several times a day from most major cities in the US. Very safe for travelers, their democratic government has worked very hard to attract tourists to this small country through its green agenda, established to conserve and protect the environment in the creation of a myriad of parks and reserves throughout the country. Tourists have been traveling safely to this environmentally-friendly nation for several decades, with most resorts catering to tourists by providing many unique, entertaining activities as well as numerous creature comforts like spas and beauty treatments, making it an excellent choice for couples as well as families.

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