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At 2Salt Travel Inc,  we love to fish, and in doing so, we’ve traveled to some really great fly fishing destinations. We’re not here to just sell you a fly fishing adventure, we’ll gladly take you there ourselves! Explore freely a new destination, confident that our knowledge of the area and travel experience are at your service. Build new friendships, some of which may last a lifetime. Share the fellowship and memories that are created by spending a week with a great group of like-minded individuals. We are proud to extend our understanding of a few exclusive fishing programs, so that you can come to experience the joy in these places that we have come to know. Very select, many of the destinations are booked almost every week of the season. This is an opportunity to visit a place you might not otherwise have the chance to fish.


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Why Use 2 Salt?

2Salt Travel enables fly fishermen and travelers to make connections with lodges and outfitters worldwide. The excellent relationships that we have forged within the adventure-specialist travel industry works to benefit you, the customer, because it is your overall satisfaction and happiness that we wish to create. Book in confidence that you’re not just a name on a form, but a valued customer that we are interested in learning more about so that we can best serve your unique wants and needs. We are up to the task from the moment you begin planning your next excursion, even if you just have a few questions. Sign-up for a trip with 2Salt Travel, and receive a confirmation along with a detailed itinerary created especially for you. Should problems arise, or you need to make a change, there’s no need to fret. We’re always here for you, available from start to finish or anytime you need help. Your vacation is meant to be a breeze, and the travel planning shouldn’t be anything less. Relax and let 2Salt Travel show you how easy it is to make lifelong memories out of amazing fly fishing adventures that you’ll want to tell everyone about.


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Destinations Available Now: