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Location, Type of Fishing:

The Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica offers some of the hottest billfishing found anywhere in the world. Costa Rica’s waters are literally teeming with off-shore and in-shore gamefish. Easily reachable from just about anywhere in the US, your trip to Las Brisas Resort and Villas at Playa Hermosa will have you perfectly poised to fish some of the most productive blue water there is by as early as the next day. Experiencing significantly less fishing pressure than their Atlantic cousins, Pacific billfish are not easily put down as soon as the gear hits the water, as the fishery is still very pristine and robust with one of the largest concentrations of sailfish found anywhere in the world. It is also one of the healthiest fisheries for billfish, with a variety of marlin and sailfish regularly coming up on spreads at different times of the year. Las Brisas Resort uses Reel Deal Sport Fishing operating out of Los Suenos Marina and Resort. They offer exceptional fly fishing programs for sailfish, marlin, dorado and rooster aboard the Go Fish Charters. There are wonderful opportunities to fly fish for a variety of fish year-round on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, with sailfish and dorado being the most frequently caught species on fly rods. The highest concentration of sailfish are found in the blue water off the coast from December through April, with some groups of fish arriving as early as October.



  • Peak Season: December through April
  • Species: Sailfish, Striped Marlin, Dorado and Roosterfish
  • Rods: 12-14 wt. Saltwater, Fast-action, 450- 650gr Sink Tips
  • Rates: 3 night/ 2 day fishing from as low as $675 per person




What Makes It Special:

When you want to catch sailfish and dorado on the fly, there’s nothing worse than going out with a crew that has no idea what to do with you and your fly rod. You want an operation highly experienced in offshore fly fishing with good quality gear available for you to use. Rest assured, the crew of the Go Fish will not only have you fishing to sailfish and dorado with fly gear, but their extensive knowledge of offshore fly fishing techniques and the waters just off the coast will have you into the action in no time at all. Get exactly what you expect from a professional fly fishing outfitter and find yourself in the capable hands of an experienced crew that knows just how to handle a successful fly fishing program. The unusually calm waters off of the Central Pacific Coast paired with the short rides from the Los Suenos Marina to the blue water, makes this big game fishing destination one of the country’s best. Offering outstanding service at a great value, “Fly and Fish” sport fishing packages start at two consecutive days of fishing and can be modified to include as many days as you wish to add. It is an adrenaline rush to see a “lit up” sailfish race in close and snatch your fly. Feel the excitement of fighting a fish that averages 100 lbs. or greater on fly gear, and the crew of the Go Fish will have you screaming “Fish on!”



Fly fishing for billfish and dorado can be difficult for some anglers to say the least. It requires great skill to aerialize the heavy sink tips and large streamers being used. But on the flip-side, it doesn’t require much line to make the 25’ cast. If you’re able to present the fly right next to the teaser as the fish comes within range, you can be rewarded with a hard strike as these fish are usually very aggressive at this point in the tease. The take can be exhilarating and is usually followed by an exhausting battle providing little rest for both the angler and the surprised fish on the other end of the line. It’s basically a bait and switch method of fishing. The boat trolls hook-less teasers, attracting fish with the sound of the wash that the boat makes as it slices through the water at a slow troll. When a billfish or dorado pops up on the spread, the crew takes control of the teasers and lures the fish to within range while the angler presents the fly to the fish. When the teaser or bait is quickly removed from in front of its face, the only other option for the excited fish is the fly which remains. What you’d like to see next is the fish taking the fly and turning with it in its mouth, setting the hook on itself in the process. A couple of strip-sets ensure the fly hammers its way home and an arduous fight ensues. To catch and release a half dozen sailfish in a day’s fishing during the dry season is not uncommon with the potential to release more than a dozen on a really good day!



In Coast Rica, the green season, or the rainy season as it’s also known, begins in May and lasts until December. This should not dissuade travelers who come to visit the Pacific Coast during that time for fishing as it only means that there is a chance for rain at that time of year. Most of the time the weather is great, and perfect for inshore and offshore fishing. The high season, or dry season is the rest of the year. Sailfish can show up among the catches just about any time year-round, although the peak season for sails begins in late fall through the middle of spring. Dorado are also found throughout the year, but can be sometimes more easily located by the grass lines of debris that forms around the river mouths when the rivers swell during the rainy season. Tuna are also a year-round species off the Central Pacific Coast, but are most abundant all summer long. Roosters are also best inshore during the summer months. Blue marlin and black marlin will occasionally be found coming up on spreads at any time of the year, but the late summer and early fall are the best months to target these large billfish with flies. Snook are caught with the greatest frequency from the summer all the way through the fall. Although it sounds intimidating, there are still some excellent fly fishing opportunities during the green season, making Costa Rica a great year-round destination.



The Las Brisas Resort and Villas is a small hotel, family-owned and operated, set among lush, tropical gardens and a large pool nestled at the foot of the Hermosa Hills in the Puntarenas Province of the Central Pacific Coast. Featuring spacious rooms and good quality accommodations in a calming atmosphere, it is truly a relaxing retreat. Located just over a half-mile from the world-famous surfing beach at Playa Hermosa, where there is access to miles of uninterrupted beach and beautiful coastline. Not as touristy as the neighboring town of Jaco, Playa Hermosa is a smaller, more laid back community attracting those who enjoy spending more time on the water, relaxing by the pool or just kicking back at the beach. With warm water and an abundance of sunshine, it is an excellent choice for a peaceful and hassle-free vacation. The hotel offers a complete range of amenities, including free WiFi and continental breakfasts as a part of their sport fishing packages. Fly fishermen usually stay in the junior suites as a part of the “Fly and Fish” sport fishing package. Alternative accommodations can also be arranged depending on the size and preference of your party, but it will require an upgrade at a supplemental cost. Contact a 2Salt Travel specialist for more information.

How to Get There:

Your sport fishing package to Las Brisas Resort and Villas begins with your arrival at the San Jose International Airport (SJC). It is possible to travel to San Jose from just about anywhere in the United States in one, easy travel day. Direct flights from Miami take about 3 hours in the air to get to San Jose, while a flight from Los Angeles may take just over 7 hours to complete. Collecting your luggage, proceed to the customs area. Upon clearing customs, immediately leave the security area where a representative of the hotel will greet you to take your party to the resort. The shuttle driver will be able to assist you if you need a hand with any luggage. You will then board a van for an easy 1 ½ hour shuttle to the resort just outside of the coastal town of Playa Hermosa. Airport transfers will be arranged by the Las Brisas Resort and Villas, and are included in your package. The drivers work for a little extra money, so please feel free to tip if it is appropriate. At the resort, you will receive your room assignment and key after checking-in at the office. At the end of your stay, you will be provided with ground transportation back to the San Jose International Airport for your return flight home.

Typical Day:

The day begins with a continental breakfast at the resort at 7 am sharp. After a satisfying meal served with fresh juice and coffee, embark on the shuttle for Los Suenos Marina at 7:30 am, arriving at the dock some 20 minutes later. Aboard the Go Fish, begin the day with a run offshore to record class blue water to target pacific sailfish, striped marlin, and dorado with fly rods. Lunch will be served on board the Go Fish with snacks and fruit available at anytime. Cold sodas, water and beer is included in your package. Plan on fishing on board the boat for 8 hours. Runs to the fishing depend on the season and conditions and can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. Runs to the blue water for sailfish and striped marlin take the longest. The driver will be there to pick you up to take you back to the resort at the end of the day. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool, order a drink from the bar, and clean-up before dinner with a hot shower in the comfort of your suite. Dinner is not included in your sportfishing package, but there are several restaurants just down the road at Playa Hermosa, where you may enjoy a walk on the beach before dinner to take in the beautiful Costa Rican sunset.


What’s Included:

3 nights lodging, private roundtrip airport transport service, roundtrip marina transfer on fishing days, 2 full days offshore fishing, lunch on-board, snacks, fruit, beer, soda and bottled water.

Not included: Roundtrip airfare to San Jose International Airport, dinners, fly tackle, and gratuity for your drivers, the captain and the mate. Each guest is required to buy a Costa Rica fishing license (1 month or day licenses are available).


Non-angling Activities:

The Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is an excellent destination for couples and the families. Some activities for non-anglers include: zip-line canopy tours, horseback riding, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, spa, boutiques and shops in Jaco, surfing, beachcombing, live music, and casinos to name a few. The resort also offers full or half day boat/snorkel trips and evening sunset cruises. Take an exhilarating trip along the beautiful Gulf of Nicoya coast line. Spot pods of dolphins, turtles, whales, manta rays, as well as a variety of sea birds. Visit Isla Tortuga or just take in the views of the beautiful beaches and other exotic islands.


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