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New Zealand is a small nation located in the South Pacific, comprised mainly of two large islands, the South Island and the North Island, as well as several other small islands. Similar to that of the Pacific Northwest or the Northeast Coast of the United States, the climate is very much influenced by the sea, which helps to keep temperatures moderate. New Zealand receives a lot of rainfall, and snow is common on the South Island and at higher elevations on the North Island. New Zealand is recognized as an outstanding trout fishery by fly fishermen from all over the world. Brown trout were introduced to the islands about the same time that the United States was to become embattled in civil war for several years in the mid 1800s. Expatriates of Great Britain longing for the fish of their youth introduced brown trout along with rainbows to the fresh, clear waters of New Zealand, and the fish have done the rest, colonizing just about every waterway that has year-round cold-running water. Brook trout can also be found in the high mountain streams, but none of the species of trout found here are indigenous to the islands. If you are traveling to New Zealand to fish, you will need a valid passport and a fishing license. For non-resident anglers, you have two choices- a one-day license for $25 NZD (about $18 USD), or an annual for $160 NZD. If you plan to fish 6 days during your stay, buy 6 one day licenses, and if you plan to fish more than 6 days and/or are planning to fish the backcountry, buy the annual which includes the backcountry license at no additional cost.


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